July 31, 2020

Introducing the DB/Sys reading group


I started an RSS-based telegram channel that collects news around database, system, programming language and architecture. Check out here: https://t.me/db_sys_reading


“Become a better DB/Sys researcher”, which involves the following sub-goals: 1. Actively synchronize with the industry. 2. Be aware of other research problems. 3. Familiar with the tools, tricks and hidden secrets (if any).

What is this?

This channel is managed by an RSS bot that automatically pulls the curated list of blog sources. These blogs not only from academia but also from the industry, they not only cover paper reviews but also discuss tools, tricks and experiences related to the selected topics.

Some examples of the rss feed: - Rust analyzer (tools) - Mozilla Hacks (industry) - The Programming Languages Enthusiast (research)


  • I sometimes feel that reading blogs benefit me more than reading papers, especially some industry blogs, where they discuss real solutions to real problems.

  • Research papers are forced to write at a particular angle on which their work is important and novel, although most of time they are not.

  • Research in the wilder systems area is tied with the industry; it’s deemed to be useful and profitable in a short time because everything changes within a few years.

  • Sometimes a well-defined problem is more important than the solutions because the latter often are just combinations of known solutions and engineering efforts.

Xiangpeng Hao 2020