September 9, 2020

Install Perf on WSL2 (with unwind and symbols)

WSL2 don’t have perf and we can’t install it from Ubuntu apt because WSL2 has its own modified linux kernel (and perf requires a match with the kernel version).

To install perf on WSL2, we need to clone the modified kernel and compile it with proper dependencies.

sudo apt install flex bison gcc

# Clone the kernel from MS repo
git clone --depth 1

cd WSL2-Linux-Kernel/tools/perf

# Optional dependencies to unwind stack and resolve symbols
sudo apt install libnuma-dev libunwind-dev dwarfdump libdw-dev libelf-dev libiberty-dev

make -j4

sudo cp perf /usr/local/bin


I use the awesome flamegraph to automatically generate interactive flamegraph.

Xiangpeng Hao 2020